Using your Spartan Card

Your Spartan Card can be used in a variety of ways; from opening parking gates to accessing meal plans to getting into the game, your Spartan Card does it all! To explore the ways in which you can use your Spartan Card, please see below.


  • Dining Plans and Spartan Cash

    Your Spartan Card can be used to access any of MSU's award-winning dining halls. It can also be loaded with Spartan Cash, which can be used both on and off campus at select locations.

    For information regarding dining plans, please visit Eat at State.

    For information regarding Spartan Cash, please visit the Spartan Cash website.

  • Door Access
    Your Spartan Card has 2 chips inside that can be programmed to allow physical access to some secured doors/areas. Physical access is controlled by the MSU Police Access Control. For more information regarding door access, please visit the MSU Police.
  • Event Admittance
    Whether you are all about football or a die-hard MSU basketball fan, students will need their Spartan Card for admittance into MSU Athletic events. Check out Spartan Athletics for information about all MSU sports and how you can attend!
  • MSU Libraries
    Spartan Cards also serve as library cards at the libraries on campus. Please refer to the MSU Libraries for more information.
  • Parking

    Once you have purchased a parking permit, your Spartan Card can be used to open authorized parking gates across campus. For information regarding parking, please contact the parking office.

    Parking Office
    1120 Red Cedar Rd
    East Lansing, MI 48824
    (517) 355-8440
  • Recreational Sports Facilities
    MSU boasts a number of recreation facilities on campus. A Spartan Card is required for entry to any of the Recreational Sports facilities. Please visit the Recreational Sports website for more information!